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Welcome to Christianbook. Sign in or create an account. Search by title, catalog stock , author, isbn, etc. Closeout Sale. By: Chris Tiegreen. Wishlist Wishlist. Advanced Search Links. Product Close-up. Add To Cart. Add To Cart 0. Imitation Leather Book. Paperback Book. Is your "relationship" with God empty of his presence? Are you relying more on your own resources than his promises? Offering a year's worth of insightful, thought-provoking reflections, Tiegreen helps you cultivate a palpable sense of God's companionship, learn to recognize his voice, and trust that he's always there beside you ready to help.

Related Products. From the first pages of Scripture, God speaks. Every time He utters a word, things happen. He says, Let there be light, and light comes into being—and He keeps talking until our entire universe is filled with order and life. He calls out a people from among the nations and reveals His purposes through them. He chooses prophets to deliver His messages when those people are in danger and need to return to Him.

Clearly, we do not serve a silent God. They can accept His written Word as His voice—generalized for all who read it, of course—but for personal conversations and direction, they strive and strain to hear. Step one in hearing God is acknowledging that He still speaks. We have to be convinced of that in order to press through the frustrations on the way to hearing Him. Low expectations will undermine our efforts. Faith opens our ears. He calls you into a relationship, and relationships are based on communication.

Conversations with God are normal—you were designed for them.

Believe and listen—and know that you will hear. Living Word, I invite You to speak to me. I know You have been; please open my ears to hear. I want to learn the sound of Your voice and know Your thoughts. There are lots of voices in the world. Some are easily recognizable; others blend into the background noise. Some come from a distance; others from within our own heads.


Some are tender and sympathetic; others strident and critical. And all compete for our attention. Jesus knows how confused we can be. Sheep learn to recognize the voice of their shepherd so that when he calls to them, even in the midst of a multitude of other voices, they follow his distinctive sound. The other voices are just noise to the sheep of the Good Shepherd; they are uniquely tuned to His voice alone. When they hear it, they follow. Our goal is to be tuned in to one voice only—to be so sensitive to the one true voice that we can hear it above the din of a multitude of rivals.

To be so accustomed to the signature sound that called us into existence that it becomes our constant homing signal for every decision. In the depths of our spirit, we can learn to recognize that voice and distinguish it from all others. Be willing to step into a learning process. Somewhere within your soul, you will hear His heart-to-heart words and know they are His. Jesus, my Shepherd, tune my heart to hear Your words.

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Let them sink into my soul and become a part of who I am. Let love be your highest goal! But you should also desire the special abilities the Spirit gives—especially the ability to prophesy. It is one of the most neglected instructions in the New Testament.

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And not only are they to seek it, they are told to seek it zealously —literally to covet it, be jealous for it, and eagerly pursue it. God is a communicator looking for people who will learn the keys to hearing Him; who will listen for His insight and direction for specific situations and then express it to others. Still, He calls us to come deeper into His presence with listening ears—and with the rock-solid conviction that He will make His voice known. Holy Spirit, teach me to prophesy.

I choose to eagerly pursue all of your gifts, but especially the gift of hearing You and declaring Your words to others—to encourage them, comfort them, and build them up.

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Ask the average person what a prophet does, and most will boil it down to predicting the future. A prophet is often perceived as the Judeo-Christian version of a clairvoyant, a seer who peers into the plan of God and perfectly describes how it will unfold. He reveals His thoughts about us, His interpretation of events and circumstances, the purposes He is working out, and His greatest desires for our lives.

He portrays life in its true light—a vital point of view when we get stuck in dark places. And His prophets, according to the New Testament, are any believers who will listen to Him. He may not unveil every detail—we still have to walk by faith, not by sight—but He lets us know how He sees things. He imparts His truth and His wisdom whenever we need it and are patient enough to seek it. Reveal Your purposes to me. Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, This is the way; walk in it.

We come to a fork in the road, a moment of crisis, a point of decision that requires us to take a step in one direction or another because standing still is no longer an option. Right or left? Maybe the Spirit within us has already let us know, but our heads keep rationalizing the possibilities.

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We want information, and He wants a relationship. Our approach reduces our hearing to in-and-out transactions—we come, we hear, and we leave with more knowledge than we had before.


He withholds Himself enough to keep us seeking Him , as opposed to seeking His words alone. In order to grow close, we must invest time, energy, and interest. And God will withhold a right-or-left answer if it provokes us to make that investment.

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Seek Him above all else—and His voice will eventually become clearer. Lord, forgive me for seeking You as a giver of information rather than seeking You as a person. Draw me close, not just so I can hear Your words, but so I can hear Your heart. He heard it in his spirit during his morning quiet time: The evil one cannot touch you. That fit with some of the verses he had been reading, and the phrase stuck with him most of the day.

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He realized that God had known ahead of time the challenges he would face that day and had given him the assurance he needed to remain calm and trust God. This attack was not a surprise to God, and He would keep it from being effective. But in retrospect, they are very reassuring. If we had heard Him afterward, we would wonder if we heard only what we wanted to hear.

That may not change the situation, but it can certainly change our response to it. Make it a habit to listen in the morning for whatever verses God gives you and whatever impressions He whispers into your spirit. Write them down.