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Inland flooding kills a lot of people, unfortunately, and that's what we're about to see Fema's Brock Long. People in low-lying areas were most at risk, he said.

follow site He said: "Don't relax, don't get complacent. This is a powerful storm that can kill. Petrol stations in the state are reporting shortages as motorists fill up their vehicles.

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Officials fear restoring electricity could take days or even weeks. That would be the River Severn in the U. Here, the tidal range is the second highest in the world and it's common for a wave to flow backwards.

It will be sight and sound to behold, though it often brings flooding to parts of Gloucestershire. Besides, should we define astronomical events according to whether we can see them or not?

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I'm an experienced science, technology and travel journalist interested in space exploration, moon-gazing, exploring the night sky, solar and lunar eclipses, astro-trave Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. The event occurred after the vast Kaskawulsh Glacier in Yukon Territory retreated about a mile up its valley -- and the water gushing from it reversed course and started draining into another river.

According to the website, its retreat reached the point in mid where the toe of ice that was sending meltwater toward the Slims River and then north to the Bering Sea retreated so far that the water changed course, joining the Kaskawulsh River and flowing south toward the Gulf of Alaska.

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Shugar and his fellow researchers made the dramatic discovery when they visited the Slims River last summer and found that it was just not flowing.