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We must not try to reconcile the differences in guide-books. RELATED WORDS conform , resolve , appease , coordinate , reunite , assuage , rectify , accommodate , harmonize , placate , pacify , integrate , accept , accustom , mitigate , compose , intercede , fit , accord , conciliate. Nearby words recompose , recompression chamber , recon , reconcentration , reconcilable , reconcile , reconciliate , reconciliation , reconciliatory , recondite , recondition.


See re- , conciliate. Examples from the Web for reconcile America presents two contradictory narratives that it struggles to reconcile. Will Texas Stay Texan? What's next?

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Run the Bank Reconciliation report to check if the bank account's balance in online banking matches the statement balance in Xero. To interact with this component, access the Preview mode.

You need to enable security on this component, as it could expose confidential information see Allowing User Impersonation. Related answers Unreconcile an account transaction.

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  7. Fix an incorrectly reconciled bank statement line.

View bank reconciliation details. Find and remove duplicate statement lines.

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    Compare your internal account register to your bank statement : Go through and check off each payment and deposit on your register that matches the statement. Make a note of all transactions on your bank statement for which you don't have any other evidence, such as a payment receipt or check stub. Check that all outgoing funds have been reflected in both your internal records and your bank account : Whether it's checks, ATM transactions, or other charges, subtract these items from the bank statement balance.

    Note charges on your bank statement that you haven't captured in your internal records.