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When checking, check that youve shaded the correct answer. Work from another angle to make sure that your answer is correct. Look at the other options to make sure youve selected the most appropriate one. Open ended Read the question carefully and take note of the keywords. Answer the question directly. See the chart above.

How to score A* for PSLE Science?

Some questions are broken into parts a and b. Usually,part a helps you to come to an answer in part b. Sometimes part a asks for an observation and part b for the explanation. Dont explain it in part a. When asked to compare, remember to state the different properties of BOTH the two objects youre comparing.

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For example, state the difference between gases and liquids you will need to say gases are while liquids are.. For 1 mark question, the answer required is brief and direct.

Be prepared for 2019 PSLE Science- using 2017 qns we show how some students are able to answer fast

For 2 mark questions, you will be required to give a longer, detailed answer. If the question is identify and explain why,1 mark is for the identification and 1 mark for the explanation. For 3 mark questions, look at the space given. If there are only a few lines, its probably a more factual recall type of question and you dont need much explanation.

5 Common Mistakes Your Child Should Not Make in Science

If its longer, break down the answer for the examiner so that it is clear and marks can be easily given for each statement or keyword. Dont write in long sentences the examiner may assume its only one point. Remember, dont leave any question blank! You may get awarded partial marks if you hit some keywords and concepts even if you may not understand it completely.

Some questions are really testing your ability to infer and think rather than your knowledge. Other tips Stay calm and have a positive and focused mind. The best way to approach the questions is with a clear, open mind, and being calm will reduce errors and improve recollection. Dont worry about your past grades, or how well youre going to do for this paper or the subsequent one. Now isnt the time to be thinking of other things. Just work through the exam, one question at a time. Worrying about another question wont help you with the current one! Sleep early. There is no point doing last minute revisions.

Even if you havent finished your revisions, it is more productive to sleep early than to revise till 1 or 2am into the night.

Are high-order thinking skill questions too difficult for our students to handle?

Eat your usual breakfast. Dont try anything funny. You dont want to be struggling with a stomach-ache. Look at the options again to make sure you have selected the most appropriate one. Open ended - Read the question carefully and highlight the keywords. If question ask about Object A, answer directly "Object A is If part a asks for an observation and part b for the explanation, dont explain it in part a. Usually there is only 1 or 2 point.

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Q is identify and explain why - 1 mark is for the identification and 1 mark for the explanation. Listing steps of experiment - half mark per step - Dont ever leave any question blank! Other tips - Be positive - dont worry about your past grades - Sleep early. You dont want to be struggling with a stomachache.

Last minute tips for PSLE Maths Revision tips Revise the following concepts they are critical: Fractions, ratios and percentages Geometry area and circumference of circle, breaking down a composite figure into circle, square, triangle, volume of cube and cuboid. Find unknown angles in squares, rectangles, parallelograms, rhombus, trapezium and triangles. Speed Algebra representing an unknown with a letter, simplification of algebraic expressions and evaluation of expressions by substitution.

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Spend about 1min per mark. You have about 1. You have more time in Paper 2 than in Paper 1, but the questions are typically tougher and youre expected to show your working. If youre sharp on time, you should have about 10mins left. Go back to the questions youve left unsolved and attempt them. If youre able to solve them in minutes, go ahead. If youre not, leave them again and check. Make sure there is no calculation mistakes and careless errors.

Once youre satisfied, go back and spend the rest of the time on the unsolved questions. Dont leave any question unanswered. If its a structured question you may get awarded marks for working even if the answer is wrong. MCQ tips Typically youll be able to solve for the exact answer. If you dont see the answer in the choices you must have made a mistake.

Go through the question again to make sure youve understood it, and attempt it again. Dont bother with the other choices. Sometimes, however, youre asked to estimate, or to guess. In these cases, the choices can help you.

For example, if youre asked to estimate the height of a door, the choices are : 1m, 2m, 10m, 20m. You can eliminate 1m too short 10m and 20m too tall. Problem sums For difficult problem sums, attempt a model diagram even if youre completely stuck. Sometimes after youve attempted to draw you get an understanding of the problem will be able to solve it. Solve them in this order. The answer in part a may help you for part b. Sometimes, however, a and b may be completely different dont let that confuse you.

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  7. Remember units! Some questions specify which units you must use, some dont. If they dont, use any unit you want, but dont leave it out. Some questions ask for you to leave the answer in terms of pi, some asks for you to use pi as 3. Follow the instructions! Even if the question is very difficult, dont leave it blank.