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Most times, the conversation continues without a hiccup and my husband or friend will return within minutes and reignite their contribution to the gathering. Sure, married women can have male friends, but is it the best choice for the long-term health of your marriage? When I meet a new girlfriend that I like, I want to know everything about her. I want to hear her life story. I want to know why she believes what she believes. I want to hear about her struggles and successes. The problem with knowing everything about the someone of another gender is that you start to develop a bond.

This is usually a healthy thing among two females, but between two people of the opposite sex it can quickly turn into an unhealthy attachment.

Holy Spirit: Your Best Friend to Kill Sexual Sin - Ask Pastor Tim

I made my rounds over appetizers and when dinner was served, we all took our seats. We had a happy conversation with another male member of my creative team. During this time my marriage was in tip-top shape as it could be.

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Working with male presents a special set of problems because married women are expected to interact with everyone, no matter their gender. You spend long hours together and there is something genuinely exciting about completing a project as a team. But beware of your heart when interacting more than necessary with your male co-workers. When is the last time your best friend asked you to balance your checkbook or take out the trash? My kids made most of that mess anyhow.

No bills to discuss. No big family decisions to make. Just good conversation. Instead, I do what I hate.

Does God Want You to Spend Time with People Who Always Hurt You?

We should also remember that we have an enemy that is seeking to destroy everything good in our lives. Marriage is a symbol that the Bible calls a mystery because it represents the Christ and his bride the church.

Not only for our sake but for theirs too. There is no hard and fast rule for how much communication with another man is too much. Marriage is such a sacred thing.

8 Different Ways the Holy Spirit Will Communicate to Us in This Life

With the divorce rate being so high, I hope that women everywhere would take the necessary steps to keep their marriages healthy and free from the distractions that could be caused by a close male friendship. This is a tricky one. A longtime friend of mine was in town for a short period of time.

2. The Word of God

I was newly married and he asked if he could see me. In it, the pastor included a copy of an article that had appeared in the Los Angeles Times. When I saw that picture and read that article, I felt a great deal of empathy for my friend because I had recently had a similar experience.

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A person I believed was my friend made some very unkind statements about me publicly, and word had gotten back to me. My feelings basically vacillated between despondency and anger, even though I knew I needed to respond with joy Matt. In this book, Edwards included a chapter on how we are to respond to false charges. Edwards reinforces the concept that other human beings can harm only my worldly pleasure. A person can injure my body, steal my money, or even destroy my reputation. However, all of these things have to do only with the cares and pleasures of this world.

But we have an inheritance that is laid up in heaven, a treasure no one can steal or defile 1 Peter How, then, can we not be distressed when we are hurt by people we thought were our friends? Yet while it is true that it is part of our human nature to respond to personal attacks with sadness, anger, or bitterness, these feelings are part of our fallen humanity.

They are not fruits of the Holy Spirit.

This kind of response is required of all of us because the Christian life is about the imitation of Christ 1 Cor. We are being molded into His image, so we are to strive to live as He lived.

Sinner's prayer

Our Lord was slandered and falsely accused of all kinds of offenses, but He opened not His mouth in protest Isa. Like a lamb, He accepted these vitriolic attacks, and, in the very moment of His passion, He prayed for the forgiveness of those who were attacking Him Luke This is how we are called to react to our enemies 1 Peter Edwards helped me see that I had allowed my soul to become distressed, and that was sin. The key to responding to attacks and insults as Christ would is to nurture love for God.

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