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The Sacred Flames Of Life

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Indeed thanks. I should mention the font choice super :. Read poems by dejure. Thank you Pretty accurate description. I think a lot of people daydream about a foe being responsible for bad outcomes.

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Read poems by Timagination Yep they do. Very well said, very poetically said! Read poems by ArthurVaso.

Many thanks. They broke her before and she vowed to never let it happen again.

'Flames' poems - Hello Poetry

Only she can break herself and no one else was allowed to reach so deep into her being. Only she can walk into the fire, willingly, and with complete chosen surrender. Profiles: Rasha Khouri. Baby Bump goes Clubbing! Mommy Rants: You are not princesses. Humanity at its Worst. Her Flames of Life.

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Mommy Rants: Everything is not my fault. Thoughts of Stardust. Browse 19TwentyThree. Barefoot Blogs Featured.

Passport to Survivorship at Flames of Hope: A Celebration of Life™

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