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The below tutorial uses a practical example to show you how to perform this task. Keep reading to find out. ActivePresenter allows you to record any application on screen and save the result as a project with slides called a slide-based project. So, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort when editing the recorded project. This capability comes from a very practical feature called Record Software Simulation. If you forget to record a window or a button when capturing screen, you can take its screenshot later using the Screenshot command.

This function is meant for taking screenshots of a window, an object, the full screen also your desktop , and application or a region of your screen.

After capturing, ActivePresenter places these screenshots in the current slide, and you can edit them with ease. Now is the time to put these into practice. Assume you wish to guide your employees how to set up an event and recurring event in Calendar for Windows You want to create a guide document and export it as a Word one. So, the idea is that you record a simulation of the Calendar app also the target app. Then, edit the recorded project as you normally do. After that, export the project to the Microsoft Word format using a custom layout template. The below workflow shows how to use ActivePresenter to create this training manual.

Making a plan before taking actions is a cornerstone to create an effective technical support document. That is, you have to figure out what you want to capture and how to show. At the same time, use short and clear sentences to make your message understandable instead of using long and vague ones. Remember that the shorter is the better most of the time.

Creating Training Manuals

Think about text as a way to check what you want to deliver. One way to plan your text is start with a two-column table. Knowing deeply the target application in this case, Calendar , you can give employees useful tips and tricks on some steps. So, you have no need of cutting or deleting unnecessary parts several times. Additionally, make sure you open this app early on. Also, close other apps which can distract you from the process. Then, ActivePresenter will record everything inside the selected area. After finish the recording, the app transfers the recorded contents to the editing screen.

If you want to format the slide name in a visual way, click the button 5 at the right of the Name box to launch a rich text editor.

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The editor contains the most common formatting functions to change the slide name. So, editing the slide name comes naturally to you, for sure. The reason is that ActivePresenter uses styles in the template for these contents. Information about this will be discussed in the next step. When clicking this button, you see the Export To Microsoft Word dialog like this:. This dialog offers a lot of options. But when it comes to creating an employee training manual, pay attention to these:. When exporting to MS Word document, you can create your own Word template.

How to Create a Training Manual

Then, let ActivePresenter use it to create the output format. That way, your exported Word document has the same style as your created template. Note that, creating a custom layout template requires Microsoft Word or higher installed on your computer.

In the opening Word file with a blank page, take these steps to create a Word custom template:. Step 1 : Place contents into the page. Do this using the following tags. Step 2 : Style the exported contents.

General Training Requirements

You can set styles font name, font size, color, etc. The default is now to separate pages with the form feed control character. It would be nice to OCR during scanning. In this example, the scanning program is sending image filenames to Tesseract as they are produced. Tesseract streams a searchable PDF to stdout.

To restore the old behaviour of writing to tesseract. See issue Warning: Both options will cause you to not see the error message if there is one. See also the discussion on the tesseract forum. Tesseract 4 also uses up to four CPU threads while processing a page, so it will be faster than Tesseract 3 for a single page. If your computer has only two CPU cores, then running four threads will slow down things significantly and it would be better to use a single thread or maybe a maximum of two threads! Using a single thread eliminates the computation overhead of multithreading and is also the best solution for processing lots of images by running one Tesseract process per CPU core.

Periodically stable versions go to the downloads page. Between releases, and in particular, just before a new release, the latest code is available from git.

Product description

If you want to have several versions of tesseract e. If you want to test particular version you can run it this way:. Tesseract can be trained to recognize other languages or finetune existing language models. See Tesseract Wiki Training Tesseract 4. Please note that currently LSTM training is only supported using synthetic images created using a UTF-8 training text and unicode fonts to render the text. Searchable PDF output is a standard feature as of Tesseract version 3.


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Use the pdf config file like this:. There may be nothing wrong with the PDF itself, but its hidden, searchable text layer may be not understood by your PDF reader. For example, Preview.

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Try using Adobe Acrobat Reader instead. Look for projects focused on handwriting recognition. If you want to help us write more, please do, and post it to the group! Skip to content. Dismiss Document your code Every project on GitHub comes with a version-controlled wiki to give your documentation the high level of care it deserves. Sign up for free See pricing for teams and enterprises. FAQ Jump to bottom. Frequently Asked Questions Tesseract 4. How do I get Tesseract? Which language models are available for Tesseract?


Where are the language models traineddata files for Tesseract installed? What output formats can Tesseract produce? What page separators are used in txt output by Tesseract 4. Each page will be terminated by the FF character by default for text output. How do I run Tesseract 4. How to process multiple images in a single run? Prepare a text file that has the path to each image:.