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Categories Editorial. Today, let us remember all our mothers — anointed, appointed, blessed.

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Enjoy your day, Mothers! Related posts. New vision, new mission Read more. Facing head-on the challenges of democracy today Read more. Gold Medals and Greener Pastures Read more. We all own this space Read more. Sermon Tone Analysis. Bless Mothers…For Making Homes.

She Makes a Home. Making a home is no light affair.


It takes dedication, time, and sacrifice. A mother makes the home a place of provision. Pro A mother is the first to begin providing for her child. Even her body is designed by God to provide for the welfare of her children. A Mother manages a home so that it is a place of safety, comfort, warmth, and love.

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Men may be the head of the family, but they should respect an honor their wives as managers of the home. The home is her domain, and her work in the home is invaluable. Bless Mothers…For their Comfort. Mothers have a God-given ability to provide comfort and soothing care to their children. While the means of comforting change over the years, the results do not. Few people have the ability to comfort and sooth our souls like our mothers.

In this way, mothers teach us of God, who is the God of all comfort, and comforts us in all our afflictions.

Her Children Call Her Blessed

Bless Mothers…For their Teaching. Along with fathers, mothers play an instrumental role in teaching children.

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  8. Mothers will usually be the very first teachers. Her voice will be the first a child recognizes, and the first a child learns from. Few counselors or mentors in life will ever compare to our godly mothers.

    God desires mothers to teach, and God commands that we listen and learn. An oracle that his mother taught him:.

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    Solomon had wisdom to ask for more wisdom. She not only got to see our prayers come to life, but she got to listen to me share my testimony infront of my sorority sisters and the rest of the women on my college campus.

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    My Mom has always surrounded herself with really incredible women because she highly values female friendships. She taught me how important it is to have great friends and also what it looks like to be a good friend. She is constantly going above and beyond to love others and serve them! Mom has also bestowed her gift of shopping onto me.

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    My Mom is quite the dress-maker. Growing up she would make these fantastic dresses and naturally I named them all. I had my duck dress, my doll dress, my leaf dress, my yellow dress…the list goes on and on. She made sure I was never without a bow the size of Texas on my head either! I would love sitting in her sewing room and seeing everything that she did to make a dress come to life.

    I definitely think my creative side comes from her! Go To Shopping. Her children arise and call her blessed.

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    Proverbs We are big fans of our mamas around here and we wanted to take a moment on this special day to celebrate our wonderful Moms. Faithful My mom, Susie Jordan, is the epitome of the word to me. What is something your Mom has taught you that you are grateful for? She taught me to walk by faith and not by sight.